Flying a TrikeBuggy requires almost constant attention to the weather. Our operating limitations dictate a careful assessment of the current local weather conditions and what's on the horizon.
    The Java-based Skew-T or ETA Soundings are awesome tools to see winds, temps, dewpoint and more for the eSatellite loopxact area you are looking to fly. Use the nearest airport code, or insert the lat/long coordinates of your favorite launch!
     Winds Aloft are one of the most valuable information sources for the velocity of the air at the different altitudes, as well as the temperature difference as you ascend (better known as Lapse Rate).
     Surface Wind Vectors shows a visual map view of the winds for the area, and includes a link to a 12 hour java loop of the wind, and charts for the previous 72 hours  as well.
     The various Satellite Loops will show you the approaching storms and their track towards the area. These take awhile to load because they are animated, but they are real valuable links.
     Jet StreamThe Doppler Radar Loop is another great animation, but you'll only use it if there's an impending storm (such as the one shown in the link picture!).
     The Jet Stream analysis will  give you a good idea of the general upper level flow across the area, and this will definitely affect the lower level winds if it is strong!
     When given UTC (Zulu) time, just subtract 8 and you have the time of the reading. In October to March (daylight savings), subtract 7 for the correct hour.
     Feel free to explore the many other links to weather, webcams and other fun stuff that we've gathered here. Please let us know if there's a good link we can add! 

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