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Get your "Knees in the Breeze" with Land Sailing

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Land Sailor

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A land sailor (sometimes spelled land sailer and often run together as in "landsailor or landsailer") is essentially just a three wheeled go-cart that has a sail and is powered by the wind. The Wind Chaser® builds on that concept of simplicity to create a design that is inexpensive, easy to assemble, has the steadiness of a "non-racer", is easy to learn and can be sailed by anyone, and can be quickly and easily stowed in almost any car. The land model has light-weight wheels for nice hard surfaces and optional balloon wheels for firm but softer surfaces.

The Wind Chaser® can be converted for ice saiing with the set of blades that replace the wheels for ice sailing. The Wind Chaser® even has a hand brake! Being powered only by the wind, it is one of the prime eco-sports in the world.

The Wind Chaser® can be easily assembled and disassembled in 5 to 10 minutes. Fits into four bags – all less than 4 feet in length and 22 lbs or less in weight – made to transport easily in any vehicle.

Above all, the Wind Chaser® is fast and easy to learn to sail for everyone. Just keep the wind to one side or another or even from the back. Steer with your feet on the handy foot bars, let the sail control rope (the main sheet) in or out to control your speed and you are there! There is even a hand brake to help you slow down.

WindChaser Land Sailer

Package includes everything you need to get your "Knees in the Breeze" and go LandSailing right away!


  • Low maintenance, molded body with powder coated steel chassis for quick wheel and steering assembly.
  • 35.6 square foot sail slips over the mast to attach boom, sheet line and blocks.
  • Ideal for open spaces, sports fields, beaches and deserts or any open, flat space. Care must be taken not to use in a dangerous location or in overly strong winds.
  • For the sailor and non-sailor alike, (maximum load capacity is 225 lbs)
  • Optional balloon tires for beach and desert use.
  • The 3 wheels are corrosion resistant with nylon rims and stainless steel bearings.
  • The Wind Chaser® is made of recyclable components.
  • With the optional ice blades, you can remove the wheels and quickly transform your Wind Chaser® for ice sailing.
  • Seat is ergonomically designed for comfort and for users of most sizes.
  • Front wheel is engineered for turns up to 180 degrees within an area of 15 feet.
  • Foot tiller steers front wheel; hand brake control is mounted on the body.


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