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LARA Reserve Parachute

Reserve Parachutes for TrikeBuggy Pilots!

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LARA Reserve Parachute

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Lara 175 PG

Lara 250 PG

Lara 400 PG

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FreeFlight LARA Reserve Parachute

The LARA is a higher performance alternative to conventional Conical and PDA (Pulled Down Apex) configurations. The LARA’s aerodynamically efficient shape produces a higher drag coefficient and corresponding lower descent rate during an emergency deployment. It also offers the best value (price/performance) available today.

The LARA 250 was drop tested eight times by the United States military. Data was gathered at the rate of five samples per second utilizing a SOMAT data logger with on-board altimeter instrumentation. The average descent rate (corrected to sea level) with a 200 pound payload was only 17.5 feet per second! The US military uses 24 feet per second as a maximum allowable descent rate for emergency reserve parachutes. This low descent rate is comparable to the 24 gore PDA being manufactured by Free Flight Enterprises for tandem use.

Free Flight has drop tested all LARA models, with payloads 25% above nominal weight, at 90 knots. No canopies were damaged. These tests also verified the exceptional descent rate performance. (Note: Descent rates shown in the table below are based on average descent rates obtained in drop tests from airplanes conducted by Free Flight Enterprises. There is characteristically a significant amount of scatter in parachute drop test data).

The standard LARA has a Type 18 Nylon bridle and conventional lines. The PG configuration includes a 4 foot bridle.

Specification LARA 175 PG LARA 250 PG LARA 400 Gold PG
System Weight (lbs) 5.2 5.7 6.8
Pilot Weight (Max.) (lbs) 175 250 450
Descent Rate (f/s) 18.5
Comparable PDA Pack 20 22 24
Comparable PDA Desc. 22 24 28
Bridle Material Type 18 Nylon Type 18 Nylon Kevlar
Bridle Length (ft) 4 4 4
Shroud Lines Conv. Conv. Spectra

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