The TrikeBuggy Thumper

Terry Lutke has been developing a four stroker that can be attached to the rear of our TrikeBuggy Bullet, as well as his own Cheap Trike with the same power plant. These are the first pictures I have seen of the new unit, and it's good to see the two trikes together.

He was hoping to test it soon, and I hope to try one is a few weeks as well. This baby is swingin' a BIG prop on a powerful 4-stroke motor, pushin' plenty of thrust out of this Four Stroke Mega Thumper!

Check out more of the progress of this project on the Yahoo! Group: PPG CheapTrike 4 stroke. Lots of videos on YouTube as well. The Evolution continues...

The following pictures show Terry's latest arrival - an IvoProp 60" three blade ground adjustable propeller. WOW, this thing is going to really sweet, because we will be able to dial in the exact thrust/RPM ratio needed for best performance.


Finally, A Working Model!

Terry placed this video on YouTube of the Four Stroker Mounted on the Bullet Deluxe.

More videos of the machine flying, notice that he has removed
the curved front chrome bars, so the 'Buggy looks a bit different.

Clip #1
Clip #2
Clip #3
Clip #4
Clip #5