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Here are a collection of other PPG (and delta) Trikes and other miscellaneous flying machines of dubious origins. Some are production models, while others are prototypes or one-of-a-kind creations made by their pilot/owners. Feel free to send us your photos and a description of your own trike!

If you have any suggestions or questions, or simply want to talk to us about the TrikeBuggy, please feel free to email us at or call us at 805-403-1859.

Great PPG Trike discussion and more PPG Trikes can be seen at the Yahoo Group: Trikes & Flykes. Now there's even a group devoted exclusively to TrikeBuggy Owners.


New Flat Top Design Trike!

Here's a homebuilt for ya'...



I am Dr. Rammohan Nair from Pune, India. I am sending a picture of my home made quad having wheel chair wheels. the wheel behind balances this light weight quad (only 12kg). the link for the home made video of the same is below.

thanks, happy flying.


Brett Coupland's Black Betty!
Hey Guys... Meet my new Black Betty... Bamalam, She really gets me high...
Yes, Chad. I built a new monkey for her back....
Simonini Mini 2 Evo – 230cc – 33HP
Ivo Prop – 3 blade - 52inch – Pitch set about half way.

This is one nice TrikeBuggy Bullet!!


Jeff Steinkamp's Trike
I designed and put together this trike during the winter of 2009.  It is made of steel tubing with fiberglass rear axles, with a 12 inch front and 16 inch rear Wheeleez tires with high speed steel bearings.  It is 68 inches wide at the rear tires and an overall length from front to back of 64 inches.  It weighs 38 lbs.
Quincy, IL


The Flyke-Alike?

Here's another pedalable powered paraglider from a company in the Slovac Republic named AIR-HOR. As stated in their Press Release:

"Nimbus Voyager is a beautiful combination of classic Tricykl and PPG."




Yesterday I just tested first time my new selfmade miniquad. There's no foot steering, but it follows the canopy where ever I steer it. It feels like flying on the ground. I hope that on stronger wind it's also possible to stand up and make a normal foot launch before sitting down and throttle. I'll send videos later (if it works).



GX390 Prototype

Recently posted on the Trikes & Flykes Yahoo Group was this PPC-like Trike using a Honda GX390 four-stroke motor (390cc). Looks like he's built a nice redrive for the motor, but the hangpoint might be a bit low...

Hopefully, I will be able to post more soon.


Just wanted to email you guys and thank you for the site, it is very well done with lots of information. After looking at all of the different designs on your website last spring I decided to roll my own.  Here is our rendering of a droppable quad, we call it "Ez Up". Very light at 28 lbs it is all steel tube and powered with a Blackhawk 313. I learned to fly PPG this summer with it and it is way cool when the landing gear falls away, just the thing for us old geezers that have bad knees and backs that can't hack a forward launch anymore.   Britton Shaw did the test flight honors, you can see the video of it flying here: Larger Photo
Al Robinson
Byhalia, MS 

I submit for your consideration a photo of my home built trike.  I call it the Briggs Flyer, it is based on the v-twin 4 stroke 23 HP engine. It uses a 3 blade GSC ground adjustable pitch Wood Propeller  It was completed and flown for the first time on 9/4/09.  Additional photos at: Flyer/
Thank you in advanced,
Quinn Golden
Alton, NH

Larger Picture...

'Leon from Belgium' new trike. Airbrushed by: Airbrush Stef 

4stroke 'Flanders Paramotor' engine.

The painting inspired from the wellknown 'WWII Flying Tigers' Pappy Boyington'. squadron.

More Pictures...

From the World Paramotor Championships, 2009

Not that's a PPG Trike Fly-In!!! Quite a lineup of Paramotor Trikes at the Worlds this year. More Pictures...

Larger Picture

From the World Paramotor Championships, 2009

This trike is WAY over the top! Not exactly 103 legal, but in CZ, I'm not sure it matters...

Larger Picture


I thought that you might like to add our Quad Budgie wheeled paramotor base to your collection. Made from Super Lightweight Aluminimum and High Tensile Stainless Steel Fittings the Quad Budgie also features a Quad 4 wheel design for stability and carbon fibre rear axles for suspension. The Quad Budgie dismantles in less than 1 minute to fit into the trunk of your car. For further information visit our web site at

More Pictures

Good day,

I am writing you from Lithuania, we have just finished second edition of our single seated trike for paraglider and are preparing for mass production. In attached documents you'll find description and pictures. Our website is

Thank you very much hope it will be interesting for you and others.

Best Regards,

Gytenis Orlovas
More Info & Pictures

Hello, my name is Przemyslaw Mieszkalski. Is it possible to put one or two pictures of a trike to your site? My friend is a producer of such equipment and I'd like to make a suprise to him.

Trike - X-Max, 4-stroke V2 engine, 630 cc, 33 hp, electro starter. Because of that the engine is extreamly stable and quiet. Suming up it's a very high quality european trike. More info on


There is a new development of the Grasshopper - Paratrikes.

This is the folding and lockable front part of the arches, with the annoying and cumbersome getting on the front seat, or under the arches through to the back seat of the past. A Quickpin away, and the closure system opens.

For more information, please visit our website.

More pictures

Miniplane Trike using a Top 80!

Julien Roulet sent me these pictures of his trike with this explanation:

Bonjour, voici mon chariot fabrication maison.... merci...

It looks like a very simple and light PPG Trike, and it would have to be, it's powered by the smallest PPG motor available!

More pictures

New from Fresh Breeze - The Bulli-X Trike

Michel from Belgium sent me some pictures of a new PPG Trike. I don't have much information at this time, but you can clearly see that the frame design is based on the Flyke, a unique articulating steering system that uses the wing to guide the trike while launching. The motor pictured on the photo is Fresh Breeze's new Sportix Simonini, a foldable frame paramotor with a fresh new design with a double ring cage made specifically for PPG Triking.

Looks like it is currently available from Fresh Breeze. Very interesting!

More pictures

Cars With Propellers! Illustrated Overview at Dark Roasted Blend

If you ever wanted to shred the air (and pedestrians) in your wake, here is your chance.

Why attach propeller to a perfectly normal car? Because you can! Because you can rid the car of transmission, clutch and brakes. Because you can utilize air power and powerful aircraft engines. This is an awesome collection of Helica's, Aero-Cars, Propeller Cars, Prop Bikes and more!

Visit the Website

John Fetz's Current Trikes

Johnny is the infamous prop repairman that got pulled over backwards over and over in the DVD "Risk & Reward". He has made a few trikes in his long and illustrious flying career. These are the ones that he's flying now, but he has plans for more soon!

More Pictures

Radial Engine Motorcycle

Got a spare aircraft engine sitting around? Now you can use it to power your motorcycle. Even though this isn't a flying machine, I felt the creative use of this classic radial engine was worth including. You just gotta love the sound of these unique motors! Now, I just wonder if there's a way to hook my risers to the handlebars....

More Pictures & Video


"High" Flying Enterprise

Need to genrate a Profit with your trike? Check out this guy's Business Model! The Marketing Plan is sketchy, requiring significant Investment Capital. My Professional Evaluation of this Venture - Too "High" Risk! Not exactly FAR 103 Legal, either....

More Information...

1956 Aerocar!

Got three and a half million sitting around? If so, the Aerocar can be yours! This is an actual working vehicle that was made in 1956. It has over 1000 hours of flying logged and only 300 hours of driving! Annual inspection of engine and plane was last performed on July 30, 1976.

This is a true CLASSIC!

Video & More Pictures

The Twike!

Tweedy Bird wanna go fwy da Twike!

Not the first time this has appeared, and probably not the last. Much discussion has recently explored the possibility of using wheels to assist tandem flying with powered paragliders. Since we can't use a trike, there might still be some benefit in using wheels to take some of the weight of the heavier motor needed to fly two people.

YouTube Video

Italian Transformer Trike?

"In any case, the Trike can be equipped with a mast and be used with a hang-gliding flight from adequately reinforced. With only one engine can easily choose to fly with paragliding on foot or by cart, or the hang-gliding with minitrike. Nobody can give you so much!".

The only picture of this trike shows the PPG version, although their website talks about this trike being able to "Transform" to a HG Trike. It sure looks light enough to make 103 requirements...

Larger Picture


"Providing what man has been dreaming of for decades, this vehicle is designed to deliver exciting acceleration and handling on the ground, as well as comfortable and reliable flight capability".

At 1340 lbs., you'll need a Sport Pilot License at least to be able to fly this baby. Cool idea, but maybe just a little too 'Pie in the Sky' to bring to reality - check out the video!

Visit their Website...

My Realization

hello here my carriage built in rule of mason aluminium.

carriage of 11,5 kilos.

thank you for your site, for the ideas that it gives and its simplicity.

in a friendly way

Bigger Picture

Green Eagle Quad/Trike

Here's a new machine! Manufactured in the USA by an established PPC firm, the Green Eagle is the new kid in town. Looks like it's available as either a trike or quad, and construction looks very solid. There's talk of a four stroke motor or a propane fueled machine!

Looking forward to getting more information about this.

Bigger Pictures.

More Paratrikes...

we have paratrikes in production and we want send you photos from pilotproject trikes...
please public its !
best regards

...looks like they make paratrike scale working models as well!

More Pictures...

Michael Labo De Kerpel's Trike

Hi there,
Congrats with your exellent site, it gave me plenty of tips and idea's on how to make my own.
It's a Peter Lynn buggy, I whidened the rear axlefrom 110 cm to 160 cm , welded some copy of the powerloops, reinforced the joints and made a quick mount system for my Fly products cage. 30 secs to mount it
I have not flown yet , but can't wait to take it skywards.
Thanks for the idea's, keep up the good work
Michel from Belgium

Bigger Picture.

Jim Beeley's Trike

Hi here is one for your other ppg trikes and flying machines page.

Made by me jim beeley, pap ross 125 mounted on peter lyn kite buggy with some additions, flown with a tandem dudeck cabrio reflex wing.
jim beeley

More Pictures.

Cruise Side-By-Side!

Here's a Delta Trike that seats you side-by-side. Looks like a real nice machine, and with a Rotax 582 on it, I bet it's a bit pricey, too. If you got the Dough, and your Sport Pilot License, this could be a real nice choice, as long as the company can get SLSA compliance. Bigger Pic & Website.

ParaJet SkyCar!

A cross between a dune buggy and a paraglider, the Skycar prototype is a steel-framed all-terrain vehicle running on a biodiesel-modified Yamaha R1 1000cc motorcycle engine making around 140 peak horsepower. The motor runs through a Continuously Variable Transmission either to power the rear wheels or to turn a large rear-facing propeller via a belt drive. More & more & MORE!

Harry's Trike

Hello Colleagues,

i am not a company - i am privat . pleas giv me a chance.

thanks and greets from austria - Tirol
Thats my Test - Trike made by me self

Harry ( Konstrukteur and Pilot )

Larger Picture

Talk about a POD!

I like it, but I can't understand a word of what they have printed on their website!

Really a great concept for winter flying with the totally enclosed pod fairing, but I really like flying with my knees-in-the-breeze!

More of this Delta-Flier

An interesting Flying Machine

John Fetz sent me this and more pictures of trikes and a hang glider owned by a female pilot in North Carolina named Jackye. From what I can see, she's quite a flying bird!

More of her flying machines

Raymond White, Hello from Maine

I wanted to send you a pic of an up and coming TrikeBuggier,
my eldest son RJ. He has been doing a lot of ground handling, throttle control and kiting practice at every oppertunity! Its all starting to become second nature, so it wont be long!

More Info

Paladin Industries

New for 2000 from Paladin Industries is the Paladin SPARROW. The Sparrow is a lightweight (145 pounds), Part 103 compliant single seat powered parachuted designed with all of the features and technology of larger ppc's!

Unique to the Sparrow is the TiltBar HANDSTEERING. This is the same style of steering found on most trikes. Maximum payload 250 pounds, power is supplied by a 30-hp Hirth F-33 engine.

More Info

The Flylight Dragonfly

The Flylight Dragonfly is a sub-115kg single-seat flexwing microlight. The Dragonfly will fold up to fit in the back of many cars. Using the specially-modified Aeros Discus 15T wing, the entire aircraft can be stored at home with the minimum of time and effort. Fuel burn is as little as 2.5litres per hour with the Bailey 4-stroke engine.

Website with more Info & Pictures

Kent's New Trikes

Kent has now built eight PPG Trikes, and has learned a lot in the process. He is making his trikes all-terrain capable and foldable from powdercoated steel. A little heavier, but very durable.

Kent also is inviting any and all pilots to come visit him at his Airpark near Punkin Center, 30 miles south of Limon, Colorado. Please call him first at home: 303-838-1599 (or cell: 303-888-3002 which does not work at his home).

More Info & Pictures

Four StrokeTrikeBuggy Thumper

Terry Lutke has been developing a four stroker that can be attached to the rear of our TrikeBuggy Bullet, as well as his own Cheap Trike with the same power plant. These are the first pictures I have seen of the new unit, and it good to see the two trikes together.

More Info & Pictures

Leon's Trikes from Belgium


If of some interest for your website you may publish / show some of my elaborated  'hobby-trikes' on your website.. (I sell one occasionally) All are elaborated from ULM PDM body's with certification.

More Info & Pictures

Belgium Michel's Trike

Hi there,
Congrats with your exellent site, it gave me plenty of tips and idea's on how to make my own. It's a Peter Lynn buggy, I widened the rear axle from 110 to 160 cm, welded some copy of the powerloops, reinforced the joints and made a quick mount system for my Fly Products cage. 30 secs to mount it! I have not flown yet , but can't wait to take it skywards.
Thanks for the idea's, keep up the good work.
Michel from Belgium


Here's an innovative new form to try! As John Fetz sez: "All we need to do is put POWER BARS on to hook up...who needs 3 or 4 wheels, anyways?" Put two of these together for an AWESOME new version of the QUAD!!!

I have been written to by the developer:
     The PropBike was my first "non-static test-bed" to run my wooden-props at certain advance design speeds with pilot drag interference that I was investigating once, in 2003. Very successfull to that purpose and, also, a funny (but noisy) thing to use around the city streets and in trips to the airport (with a lot of very open eyes of the car drivers). I built three ones to others argentinean mad friends.
     If it isn't too much work, please, should you put a link to my blogs (and a little explanation about the purpose of the PropBike), beside the picture? In Spanish: (BLOG#1) (BLOG#2) Use this link to TRANSLATE.
     I am a designer/builder of hand-made wooden-props for paramotors, airboats and ultralights airplanes. I live in Argentina (South America), near Brazil. Thanks in advance and congratulations for your site.

Juan Luis Barrionuevo
Tucuman 1048, (3450) Goya, Ctes. - Argentina, South America

Trike buggy guys...

Thought I would send you out a couple of pics of my prototype trike that I have been working on. Powered by a Fresh Breeze simonini 122. Castered front wheel..Currently have it set up with Roleez wheels/tires, but need to invest in high speed bearings, cooked the stock bearing on the first ground trials! I am taking it back out to the salt flats in the morning with some azusa wheels and tires... will send you some updated pics.

Cobe Reid
Emigration Canyon, Utah


Here is a picture of a self made ppg trike. The front wheel is turning free so that you don`t need to use your legs to steer the trike. The trike is following automatically the canopy and the starts and the landings are quite easy. It is also possible to steer the trike when you drive to the starting place. The motor is PAP ROS 1400. (And sorry for my English)

Best regards, Jorma Harkonen

Helsinki, Finland


The Aerochute Dual is a simple and safe way to fly. The Aerochute Dual is a two seater powered parachute designed specifically with safety and ease of operation in mind. It is designed to be virtually stall or spin resistant and in the case of an engine failure it simply lands safely as a parachute would. Made in Austraila.


BugXTair Quad!!

WOW!! This is quite a conrtraption! Really an awesome looking machine and good website, but definitely not 103 legal! Study for your Sport Pilot Licence and go get'em!!

Look out, LowBoy...



"It'll never fly, Orville" is all I can say. But wow, what a car! Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang comes to mind. Still, maybe a really, really big tandem wing would work...

Larger picture

Two-Wheeled Trike?

There's something missing on this trike! Oh yes, it's the FRONT WHEEL!!! Guess they're planning on some aggressive leg action on the part of the passenger (paddinger). Unfortunately, not legal here in the US with the expiration of our Tandem Exemption.

Larger picture


Airgate Paramotor Trike

The PPG Trike with the incredibly slanted motor! The wing is not very protected from the "blender" either.

Larger picture, Website


Pipe Trike

Got some spare plumbing pipe laying around? Get someone to weld it together for you! Still, it's just another "High Chair" waiting for you to test the rollover characteristics...

Larger Picture

French Trike'Jet

Not much info on this PPG Trike, but it looks straightforward enough.


Air Light Systems' Birdy PPG Trikes

Air Light Systems makes two PPG Trikes along with some paramotors of their own. The Birdy is their single place PPG Trike, and the Birdy Max (pictured) is their two-place tandem trike, featuring an elevated back seat for the passenger with the pilot seated in front!

Their website is in French, so I don't understand much of it, but it looks like a real nice option for European pilots interested in the "Evolution"...


PPG Walker!

You know when you're really getting old when you need to use a walker to launch your PPG! Good thing those wheels are castered in case you trip or fall sideways! Looks like a good way to keep from breaking those hip bones. Reverse inflations should be a snap in this puppy!


The Mosquito

It took the genius of the Swedish Aerosports to incorporate the motor into a lightweight, aerodynamically clean motor harness in the late 1980's. They have been producing the Mosquito since 1989, and have succeeded in bringing truly easy foot launch capability with this harness that folds up into a slightly oversized pod harness bag, all for less than 23 kilograms.

Watch the Video

Seated Hang Glider Variation

This guy really is innovative! He has added a rear wheel from the keel of his hang glider attached with cables to strengthen it, and is using the DoodleBug Powered harness to fly with. I wonder how he steers the trike when launching, it looks like the front wheels are castered.

Watch the Video

The Doodlebug

This is not exactly a trike, but still a noteworthy powered hang glider flying machine. One of the unique features of the Doodle Bug is the pilot is able to "sit" in the harness, similar to that of a trike pilot, for comfort. The unit also has a set of "retractable legs" which once airborne tuck up under the fuselage.

Watch the Video

The Para-Cycle

The Para-Cycle™ is a powered parachute and a recumbent bicycle that becomes a street-legal ultralight aircraft. The Para-Cycle blends these two inventions, creating a whole new kind of sport transportation.

Watch the Video

Visit the Website

French PPG Trike

One of the new members of the Trikes & Flykes send the address of his website along with a recent post. Unfortunately, the site is in French, so you'll have to use BabelFish to translate it unless you know the language. The trike looks simple and somewhat similar to a kite buggy, but not quite as low of a CG.

Visit the Website

High-Tech Kite

Turning ocean winds into gold while cutting greenhouse emissions in the process might sound like some sort of alchemy for the 21st century. The ship will make its maiden voyage in January across the Atlantic to Venezuela, up to Boston and back to Europe. It will be pulled by a giant computer-guided $725,000 kite tethered to the mast. Full story.

Watch the video.

Personal Helicopter

While this flying machine is not a trike or paraglider, I still think it is quite remarkable. The propellers are opposing, so there is minimal torque effect, and the pilot control looks simple enough - similar to a hang glider using the down tubes. Push out to slow down (or in this case go backwards!), pull in to move forward and pull left or right to go that direction - very intuitive. All in all, a pretty amazing personal flying machine! Sometimes the Evolution takes a twist...

Watch the video.

DFS Parawing Trike

Spartan Designer Stefano Introduce the DFS® (Dual Face System). This trike has a dual function; if you decide to utilize the parachute, then fly slowly and enjoy the skies... If you yearn for performance choose the powered glider and the sky is the limit. Or even have the best of both worlds. Website or More Pics.

Jerry's Hercules Trike

Jerry and I were neck to neck in the pylon race. As we hit the first pylon, I take the inside and Jerry is right behind me. As we head down the straight away, Jerry gets too close to my wingtip. Our propellers become entangled in each others wings. Gasoline spills as we become a falling mass of dacron and aluminum. I pull the ballistic parachute handle and it fills over our heads just before we contact the ground. But the gasoline ignites and we DIE in a ball of flames!

Actually Jerry is probably at least 30 feet away. We don't fly this close except for pictures. Flying with Jerry was a lot of fun.
     -Gary MacIntyre

Nimbus Inox Trike

let me introduce you our trike called Nimbus Inox Trike.

Nimbus-paramotors makes a simple PPG Trike for its own paramotors, it is superbly designed and engineered; lightweight (9 kg) and strong, and is simplicity itself to assemble. Frame can be disassembled for travel in less than 5 minutes.

You can see more pictures here, or visit the website:

Jim Ross' Trike

A very sturdy and solid looking PPG Trike. Nice, wide wheelbase and a lower center of gravity than other harness trikes, but maybe it just seems that way because of the thickness of the frame below the seat. Looks like this one can take a beating! Larger Pictures


Now here's a unique new trike design! This is by far the simplest trike design ever developed. Watch out for those propeller blades, they look sharp like knives! I wouldn't want to use this near a crowd of people... Larger Pictures

Home Made Trike from Down Under

Hi to the team at Trike Buggy,
Guys this is a trike that I made for myself in the middle of 2006, it's construction was from aircraft grade Aluminum, the overall weight was 34KG (including the motor) the trike by it's self weighed 12 KG. It was lots a fun to construct and lots learnt in trike design. A real dream to taxi and fly with it's low C of G. Larger Picture

Cheers, Brent Cameron
from the land down under (Queensland, Australia) 

Walkerjet "High Chair" Trike

This was the first "trike buggy" I saw. I thought, what a simple idea, just use a good quality kite buggy for wheeled launches and landings. The only thing I did not like was using the paramotor seat as the pilot's "high chair" - too much exposure to injury in the case of a rollover. The TrikeBuggy design was inspired by these early buggy test pilots!

Larger Picture

Just Another PPG Trike

I can't recall where this picture of someone's homebuilt came from. Looks to be well made, although the front tire is rather small, and it's another "High Chair".

Larger Pictures

Bill Lawrence's Walkerjet Trike

Inspiration for the current TrikeBuggy models came from pilots like Bill that pioneered PPG Trike flying with kite buggies strapped to their paramotors! It would not be good to flip this trike - right over onto your head!

Larger Picture

Airgate Trike from the Czech Republic

Hi guys,
You don’t have this one on the trike photo gallery, so I thought you might like to add it. It’s the Airgate trike from Czech republic, built to suit the ‘Mantis’ unit they produce ( It’s the only trike I’ve flown so can't compare it with anything else, but I did a fair bit of research and as I had the mantis/Kudlanka unit, this suited me well. I’m very happy with it for its low COG, powerful 130cc motor, very portable and light, (11kgs trike only).
Bohdan, Victoria, Australia

Larger Picture

The Cheap Trike by Terry Lutke

Perhaps some of you wish to add PPG triking to your 'bag of tricks' in 2008, however if you didn't find one under the tree you might consider the CheapTrike. The unusually inexpensive, sturdy CheapTrike is built in Terry's Michigan shop, and it's designed to be adaptable to almost any paramotor.

Larger Pictures

Jeremy Harris' Trike

Super simple PPG Trike with nice finished touches!

Larger Picture

Selfmade Trike from Germany

Hello Frinds,
First sorry for my bad Englisch,
I hop so your anderstand my, ok the trike is a Orbiter XP Titan from Günter Vetterl and the Weels is self made from me
With the Tanks 6Hour fly
Greating Sven Pietsch
Happy new Yeahr

Larger Pictures

FlashMonster Trike

Bob Peloquin put the Fresh Breeze Monster onto the Deluxe Flash Trike to build this great tandem machine! Those Roleez wheels really take the bumpy Salton Sea launch area well. Larger Picture

V2 Trike

Richard Degan put the new airframe built from V2 plans with a FlyProducts engine redrive onto the TrikeBuggy. He had to use different motor clamps due to the square frame on the V2. Larger Picture

Luftmofa Trike

From Germany comes this sleek single-place PPG Trike. It features a 627cc 4-stroke motor that powers a three bladed 138cm GFK propeller, a 20 liter tank and electric start. The tank alone puts it just over being 103 legal, and I bet the weight is close as well. Get that Sport Pilot License! Larger Picture

Visit their website

"Motorisierter Drachenflug"

Soll für alle Drachenflieger einen besonderen Service anbieten. Hersteller, Konstrukteure und Händler, die sich mit der Motorisierung von Drachen beschäftigen, geben wir die Möglichkeit, auf unserem neuen Internetportal ihre Produkte zu präsentieren.

This technichal description is WAY over my head!. Visit their website

"Grasshopper Para-Trike"

Dieses Gerät ist somit kein komplettes Motorschirmtrike, sondern ist vielmehr eine Zusatzausrüstung, mit der man sein Rucksacktriebwerk zum Trike aufrüstet! Es passt zerlegt komplett in den Kofferraum eines PKW, und man benötigt keinen Hangarplatz oder Transportanhänger!

I couldn't have said it better myself. Larger picture.

Visit their website

"Little Red"

Jim Doyle just finished his own PPG Trike, and some are calling it "Little Red". It features a Hirth F-33 Monster on an SD cage with a 51 inch Powerfin Propeller. Larger picture


Wait a minute - Is that Johnny Fetz? Or is that just one of his motor/trike combos? From Bolivia comes this photo of a homebuilt PPG Trike flying in - well, is that a STADIUM??? Better check FAR 103 rules closely - OOPS, that's right - it is South America!!!

Long live the PPG Trike!!! This guy looks really happy. Larger picture

Russia outdoes the Quad!

The Begalet by Scarab Aviation Labs is the "Quad Deluxe!" SCARAB was founded in 2002 by team of associates with the purpose of ultralight airplanes design and production. Priority direction of their work are future personal transport vehicles. Larger pictures

Visit their Website

Mike MacPherson's new TrikeBuggy!

Mike sent me a picture of his hangpoint test on the TrikeBuggy Deluxe. Looks well balanced and ready to fly! They're so clean before they have been to the Salton Sea... Larger picture

A new PPG Trike from South Africa - nDiza Trike!

The nDiza (meaning 'Fly' in Zulu) trike was designed to utilize a Paragliding harness for its seat for maximum comfort and safety. This trike was purpose built as a fixed single trike, and has some sexy new lines and great new comfort levels not achieved in PPT trikes before now. Larger picture

Visit their Website

The ElectraFlyer is here!

The technology of electric motors and high capacity batteries has finally reached the level of development where pure electric flight is now possible. Larger picture

Visit their Website

The Expeditor and more...

In Lithuania, the Time To Fly paramotor company has been busy at work on some unique PPG Trikes. This solo or two-place trike has sexy lines and features stainless steel construction. They also have a solo trike, and another coming soon. Larger pictures

Visit their Website

Circular Hang Glider?

From somewhere out there comes this interesting circular hang glider mounted to an even more interesting "quad" car-like buggy. Note the steering wheel mounted to the base tube of the glider! Larger picture

The Glide-O-Bike

For 25 cents, every boy now has the chance to learn Flying Principles by Actual Practice! She goes gliding along, Fellows, but that's not all. You can bank, ground loop, stall and side-slip. Absolutely nothing like this for fun and thrills. "I sent for the Glide-O-Bike...they sure are swell!" "The Glide-O-Bike is the dandiest thing I ever owned!" Larger picture

The Roleez Flyke

This is just one of Jerry Frost's steps along the way to the StingRay Flyke shown further down on this page. Larger picture

Flanders 4-Cycle Trike

Just received these new pictures of their newest model. Cool design, similar to Eric Dufour's Mini PPCg. Gotta love that roll cage! Larger pictures

Visit their Website

Ziggy Trike

This photo of a nice PPG Trike was sent to me recently. Looks like a very simple and effective design, but again with a high CG - if this trike tips over, the pilot will not be protected. Get your skills dialed! Larger picture

La Mouette Trike

This PPG Trike looks like it has been flying around for awhile! Notice the PPC-like foot steering attachments - careful not to stomp on that turn! Larger picture

Homebuilt PPG Trike

If you've got the time plus a little ingenuity, just about anything can be dreamed up to mount your paramotor onto. Let's go flying! Larger picture

Titanium Trike for Skydiving

This PPG Trike is used to take skydivers up for a jump. Notice how sparse the front seat is! Larger picture

Timber Trike

Got a spare 2x4 laying around? With a little thought, and a hammer and some nails, you can have a trike built in no time. The price is right! Larger picture

Timber Trike

Another version of a tried and true classic. This one actually looks quite solid. Nice front wheel! Larger picture


KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid! Here is just about one of the simplest PPG Trikes ever, with the exception of the Timber Trike. Larger picture

Ekirt PPG Trike

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, someone turns it all around! Ekirt is Trike spelled backwards, which looks like exactly what this trike is trying to do??? Larger picture

Snow Jet PPG Trike

Get your Walker Jet paramotor ready for winter! This trike looks really well thought out, with the exception of a rather high CG for the pilot. Bundle up tight! Larger picture

Sky-Kicker Trike

This guy just showed up at the Florida PPG National Convention a few years ago and showed us this trike he built. May be a little heavy to be an Ultralight. The wheels would never work at the beach I fly from... Larger picture


Internet web searches on Google give some very interesting results sometimes! Put a propeller on this trike, and you would have an INTENSE flying machine! Maybe just good for practicing your wing balancing skills... Larger picture

QuadDog PPG Trike

From Australia comes this Tandem quad. Not much information, but looks very robust. Larger picture

QuadCat PPG Trike

Also from Australia comes this smaller version of the quad four wheeled trike. Nice low CG for the pilot, and looks like his head will be below the cage/wheel line for extra protection in case of a rollover. Larger picture

Too Much PPG Trike

I call this one Too Much because I just don't understand - can't we just keep it simple? What are all those racks of stuff, anyway? Wow. Maybe it's a remote control trike, is that a radio controller in his hand? No, he has a helmet on!! Larger picture

Streamlined Prototype PPG Trike

From somewhere in Europe comes this very sexy ParaTrike. Nice fairings, simple cage design, low CG, the only drawback is it will require a Sport Pilot license, inspections, registration, etc. to fly it in the US. Maybe if they made a single seat version... Larger picture

FAR 103 Legal? NOT!!!

Not exactly sure what this trike is for, but it sure will be the talk of the hangar! Probably a bit over the 254 lb limit for an ultralight vehicle... Larger picture

More Airges Trikes!

These guys are really smitten with this TrikeMania attraction! They are constantly coming up with new and innovative PPG Trikes. Larger picture

Aliseo - The Flying Boat!

Combining all the performance of the previous Aliseo model with a new sophisticated design and more powerful engine, the Aliseo II was created for those who want the best of everything.

The Aliseo II looks right at home aboard the most luxurious yacht or behind your house on the bay. It has been considered one of the best toys to own; taking up little space and fuel, giving you the ability to fly over the most remote environments. More Info ...

Seagull Escape Pod Motorglider Trike

Seagull Aerosports takes a new angle on weight-shift construction with a fully enclosed cockpit on this hang glider trike. More Info ...

Airges Minitrike & More!

From Spain comes this nice little trike, and a few others listed on their website. Here's an amazing video of a reverse launch in the Minitrike (it's about half way through - look for Daniel). Visit their website...

More Video!

Czech Air Chopper

Flying with powered paragliding trike "Hornet 503" with parachute "Chiron 340". Visit their website...


Paramotor Trike for MX4

Paramotor Performance AB from Sweden has built a light little trike (10kg) for use with their paramotor, although it doesn't exactly have a low center of gravity. Visit their website...

Low Boy Quad Buggy

Here's a new quad on the scene! This buggy features chrome wheels and no harness required! Simply sit on the comfortable seat and fasten the seat belt. Frame can disassembled in less than 3 minutes for travel. Can be configured for solo or tandem use. More info soon...

Chariot Z Trike for PAP Paramotors

The Passion'Ailes Chariot Z trike is designed specifically for PAP paramotors, it is superbly engineered and designed; lightweight and strong, and is simplicity itself to assemble. Visit their Website...

The Mini PPCg

Strong enough for him and perfect for a woman! Eric Dufour has come up with a remarkable PPG Trike for pilots that like the security and feel of a PPC (powered parachute), but want something smaller and more personal. His unit features a Monster Hirth 313cc motor with electric start, front disc brake and a specialized riser system. Visit their Website...

FunFlyer Trike

Adventure Paramotors have come up with an innovative new PPG Trike called the FunFlyer. The gas tank is in the molded seat, and there is no harness, just an adjustable seat belt (like the TrikeBuggy!). The FunFlyer can be totally disassembled in less than 15 minutes, and weighs 110 lbs. Visit their Website...

Woopie Fly Trike

This is a first! The website is all in French, so information is limited, but it looks to be a cross between a paraglider and a hang glider. The wing is formed by blowers inflating the wing and perhaps ram-air vents to continue pressurizing the wing. It looks fast and stable, from the tiny videos they have posted. Visit their Website...

Xcitor 103 Single Trike

The Xcitor 103 Single trike is a new development by Fresh Breeze in 2007. The first prototype machine is pictured. The safety and airworthiness inspection required in germany the DULV is in progress as well. German ultralight authority, unlike the USA, regulate ultralights. More Photos...

The Mad Cabber's Coach

My friend Kent from Colorado has welded up a remarkable trike using a high-end kite buggy as the foundation. This is one super deluxe trike-buggy with a low CG, protective roll bars, memory foam seat cushioning and a five point harness! WOW! More Photos...

Jerry Frost's Slash Trike

Jerry started with the Fly Products Flash Trike, but he didn't stop there! Bucket seats, special engine mount for the Monster and off-road wheels and tires are some of the mods that Jerry added.

Wayne Michener's Paracruiser Quad

Wayne Michener and Leon Wacker are icons in the PPG Trike industry, and they are frequent attendees to many of the larger Fly-Ins arounnd the country. Here, Wayne is seen thrust testing his Quad with the specially modified Compact Radial 313cc motor.

Monoplace Trike for Airfer Paramotors

Airfer Paramotors make a simple PPG Trike for their own motors. The low hang point harness is used for the attachment to the wing, and the price is a low 780 Euros. Visit their Website...

Mike Forbes' Simonini TrikeBuggy

Mounting Mike's Simonini was actually quite easy using the newer Hip and Motor clamps we designed. Mike is also sporting the new, square design Power Loops - lowering the risers and brake positions for the Deluxe Buggy.

Combo Trike from ???

Looks like a Fresh Breeze Monster on the back of this interesting trike. Made for use with both hang gliding and paragliding wings.

SecureMax Trike

This trike fills the gap between the big American trikes (Power-chutes) and the small European ones. Its total weight of 90 kg and an engine of 48 HP make it a very versatile airship both for solo or tandem flights. Visit their Website...

Prototype Trike from Europe???

Pretty cool looking design with those curved bars! Nice low center of gravity with a protective roll cage.

  • Weight: 50kg (120 lbs)


Newest from PDP Trikes (above prototype)

At the moment I'm testing the production type of the single seater. This trike is now making his hours for the paramotor certification in Germany. After the certification in March the trike will be sold all over the world. Here is a new picture of the improved trike. The trike is called the Vortex and is built by PDP-Trikes from Holland. This trike has a development of more than two years. This to make sure the trikes behaviour will be excellent on the ground and in the air.

Best regards,

Thijs versloot
PDP-Trikes, the Netherlands

StingRay Flyke by Jerry Frost, Bakersfield, CA

Jerry's modified StingRay Flyke is a unique machine. A one-of-a-kind trike built for comfort and speed! Features rear axle Slider technology, a robust front end and powered by a Fresh Breeze Monster Hirth 313cc paramotor.

Air Sylphe Trike

Not much known about this trike. The turbine propeller must go very fast, due to its small size. Powered by a Rotax 447, 503 or 582, so not likely 103 legal. Looks like the rear axles are using Slider Technology! A rather interesting looking machine! Website...

SD Paramotor Trike by Paratour

Another fine design by Eric Dufour is the SD Trike, for use solo or tandem, on wheels or on skis! Trike breaks down into two parts and is very solid and stable. Built especially for the SD units. Visit their Website...

Solo Kite Buggy Trike by Brett Hays, USA

Built on the Flexifoil Kite Buggy, this trike is powered by a WalkerJet Paramotor. Pilot sits in the harness attached to the motor frame.

DK's Sky Trike

DK built some remarkable PPG motors for awhile, and this intense looking trike for their motors. This looks like Jeff Goin wondering if this monstrosity will ever leave the ground!

Tandem Kite Buggy Trike by Brett Hays, USA

Built on the tried and true Flexifoil Kite Buggy, this trike uses a cage and harnesses to secure the occupants while flying. Powered by a WalkerJet Paramotor.

Early Model Trike-Buggy

Built on a homemade kite buggy style trike, this trike features a bucket seat and hang points you can see over (although this may not be so good for "wheelbarrowing" - notice how the hang points are BELOW the thrust line). Powered by a Fresh Breeze Paramotor.

Chair Lift PPG Trike

With an aluminum frame, this trike looks pretty robust! I don't know what the facial bandages are all about, but the CG of this trike looks rather high. Powered by the Monster Hirth 313cc Fresh Breeze.

Johnny Fetz's early PPG Trike

Mr. Fetz has always been an innovator, mostly known for his prowess at propeller repair. Gotta love the little mirror on his helmet to watch for approaching motorists!

The Flyke by Fresh Breeze, Germany

The Flyke is the ultimate PPG Trike! It is quite simply a "Flying Recumbent Bicycle." With an articulating steering system, comfortable reclining seat, seven pedal gears and quick motor dismount, this is an amazing flying machine. More Info...

The Skip One by Fresh Breeze, Germany

The Skip One trike is made for heavy duty use with solid Aluminum tubing construction. The main bar "the back bone of the unit" is a 2" x 6" aluminum tube. It will take the hardest of landings with no bending. More Info...

The ParaToys Trike, USA

This simple frame design features the Roleez wheels for excellent shock absorbtion and the ability to launch from a variety of ground surfaces, including beach sand, gravel or rocky ground and grassy fields.

The paramotor clamps onto the frame quickly and easily, and the rear axles are removable for transporting the trike.

More Info...

The BlackHawk Quad, USA

The Black Hawk Quad is super stable. It is an easy launching quad with a wide base, high ground clearance, excellent suspension with carbon fiber flexable axles and balloon tires. More Info...

Flash Trike from Fly Products, Italy

The Fly Products Flash Trike allows for extremely quick and easy application of the paramotor onto the trike and the low position offers high stability during take off.

FLASH trike harnesses, manufactured specifically for this trike, are very light weight, easy to dismount and allow a small storage space. More Info...


Eco 2 from Fly Products, Italy

This remarkable new tandem trike features a Rotax 503 two-stroke engine! This trike sports some really great benefits such as great power, wider weight range and incredible portability! Plenty of power to carry heavy weight pilots plus heavy weight passengers. More Info...

Firebird Trike by Phoenix Powered Paragliders, USA

Designed for single-place (solo) use, the Firebird Trike allows you to easily mount virtually any paramotor to the sturdy aluminum frame to enjoy the benefits of trike launched PPG flight.

Combine the strength and lightweight qualities of aluminum with the unique Rolleez Wheels, and you have a trike that will work on almost any surface. More Info...

Kits Trike from Southern Innovations, USA

The Kits Trike was named for the its assembly and breakdown features. When dismantled, the pieces can easily be transported in a small amount of space.

This trike works well with virtually any brand of paramotor that uses the comfort bar harness system (motors with bars under the arms that attach to the harness and motor frame). More Info...

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