Salton Sea 2009

Photos by Jim Smith

IMG_2262_1 IMG_2283_2 IMG_2310_3 IMG_2322_4 IMG_2328_5 IMG_2343_6
IMG_2353_7 IMG_2377_1 IMG_2389_2 IMG_2409_3 IMG_2422_4 IMG_2431_5
IMG_2437_6 IMG_2440_7 IMG_2461_1 IMG_2470_1 IMG_2482_1 IMG_2492_5
IMG_2500_3 IMG_2504_4 IMG_2508_5 IMG_2513_6 IMG_2516_7 IMG_2526_8
IMG_2534_9 IMG_2537_10 IMG_2540_11 IMG_2544_12 IMG_2546_14 IMG_2548_13
IMG_2551_15 IMG_2556_16 IMG_2559_17 IMG_2562_18 IMG_2568_19 IMG_2575_20
IMG_2592_1 IMG_2595_2 IMG_2598_3 IMG_2600_4 IMG_2601_5 IMG_2602_6
IMG_2604_6 IMG_2607_7 IMG_2610_8 IMG_2612_9 IMG_2622_10 IMG_2624_11
IMG_2625_12 IMG_2627_13 IMG_2634_14 IMG_2637_4 IMG_2643_1 IMG_2647_2
IMG_2650_3 IMG_2651_5 IMG_2653_6 IMG_2655_7 IMG_2658_8 IMG_2663_9

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