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Our growing team of TrikeBuggy pilots are out carving up the sky! On any given weekend, there are dozens of TrikeBuggies being flown by their (bugs-in-teeth) happy aviators, enjoying the magic of wheels attached to their powered paragliders.

These are some of the active owners of our units (in no particular order) out doing their favorite activity - The Buggy Boogie!

The Pilots:

TrikeBuggy Pilot!

Paul Cooley's TrikeBuggy

Minari successfully mated to the TrikeBuggy - It's DONE!

TrikeBuggy Pilot!

Mike's TrikeBuggy Delta

Finally soloed my Trike buggy yesterday, Wow took a long time coming but perseverance payed off!  Thanks for your help.
-Mike Cabbage


TrikeBuggy Pilot!

Frenchy's Bullet

The catch in hand is made of TrikeBuggy, it took time because the weather this summer was very windy and turbulent.

Attached some pictures of Frenchy and his equipment, I fly to the land of "Cognac" surrounded by vineyards and sunflowers.

My TrikeBuggy is admired daily by school instructors fighter pilots of the French Air Force, based in Cognac city. It is of the envious.

Best, Philippe

TrikeBuggy Pilot!

Dave Cloft's Bullet

Chad, here is a photo for you. I call her the "Flight Taster"  Leonardo's quote. 35 flights and counting.

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."
Leonardo da Vinci

Dave Cloft

TrikeBuggy Pilot!

Adam's Mini-Bullet

Hey Chad, It's been a while, I've been very busy trying to get everything taken care of with training and what not but now I can finally say I am a student pilot!!! My trike buggy/miniplane works awesome and I am now trained to fly it. Please see the link for my second take off at Frank Savignac's field in Sussex New Brunswick Canada on July 30th.
I now have 10 successful take offs and landings under my belt and am looking forward to many more. I want to thank you again for helping me realize this life long dream by being so helpful with getting me my trike, I couldn't have done it without my Trike Buggy, I absolutely love it. Thank you very much!!!
Perhaps some day we may meet in person at a fly in or something, maybe maybe not, regardless please continue to do what you do and again thanks so much for all your help and understanding during a very stressful time in my life, I will STRONGLY recomend you and your gear to anyone I talk to regarding Powered Paragliding in the future.
Your fellow pilot, Adam, the flying Grasshopper

TrikeBuggy Pilot!

Jerry Parker's Classic 'Buggy

I just recently returned from a few days of flying my TrikeBuggy with Chad Bastian as my instructor.  What a great time I had at El Mirage.

     -Jerry Parker

TrikeBuggy Pilot!

Chris' new 294 'Buggy

Sweet Looking Rig!! 

Can't wait to fly!! 

     -Chris Considine

TrikeBuggy Pilot!

Brett Coupland

Hi Chad & Gilo,
                      Sorry I haven’t been in touch for a while. Been having too much fun with my Trike Buggy V3 / Parajet Macro. Lots of grunt and damn fun. I have put together some additions for the buggy:
          1/. For comfort I have added a lumber support behind the back pad. It’s an aluminium frame with the back of an office chair attached. I can spend hours in the air now and not feel uncomfortable at all.
          2/. Another set of collar clamps with “D” shackle behind the riser loops to rig an overhead reserve. The reserve bridle is held in place with some tiny zip lock strips.
          3/. Slung a camel back between the back pad and motor for drinking water.
          4/. Axle mirror for easy fuel checking. Photos

Glen Gilmore

Hope you're doing well. Here's a photo of my TrikeBuggy Bullet with my front reserve rigged, and a link to a you tube clip of me flying same. Figured I knock Atilla out of the top spot on the pilots page but give him some credit, he shot the video for me. I now have just about as much time on the TB as I had total footlaunch time and haven't had much desire to run to fly since getting my wheels. Super smooth effortless takeoffs and great control with power on landings. Please feel free to post my enthusiastic endorsement and thanks for a GREAT product. Video
Glen Gilmore

Atilla Gulnar

My TrikeBuggy was the hit at the fly in, everyone said what a good looking set up I had, it was very nice!

I love my trike so much, I must have 30 hours on it already, more then I used my footlunch for whole summer.  Thanks again.


Jason Frye

Flew the bullet yesterday for the first time. What a wonderful machine!! The Black Devil had loads of power, and the nice low center of gravity of the bullet made the slightly rough grass runway totally tolerable.

The wide wheels of the deluxe buggy turned forever as I climbed away from the field. Flexifoil obviously spares no expense, even down to quality wheel bearings.

Once airborne, I was suprised how stable I was under the wing. I think this speaks volumes for the low attachment points.

A big thankyou to both of you for your advice, and professionalism. Please post my picture with the rest of the proud Bullet Pilots, Chad! More Pictures

Alan Barron


Just wanted to drop you a line with some long overdue pictures. These were taken last Sunday by another pilot on the ground while I was doing touch and goes. It is a joy to fly this unit. Thanks a million.If you need a beta model test pilot in South Florida, I am your man.

Alan Barron

More Pictures

Joseph Cain

Hello Chad,

I got my trike buggy put together and have been practicing with it. Guess what, my knees don't hurt now after practicing. Got the wife to take a pic to send to you.

Best Regards,
Joseph Cain

Larger Picture

Jerry Frost

While Jerry and Brandon do not fly the TrikeBuggy, they have been avid supporters and true friends. Jerry flies a highly modified Fresh Breeze Flyke which he has tinkered with endlessly in his quest for the ultimate flying machine. He is now working on a Delta Trike, getting ready to go faster!

His son, Brandon is an up-and-coming pilot, only 14 years young. You can see that the time they spend together pursuing flight is mutually rewarding. More Pictures...

Paul Dempster

Thanks for the TrikeBuggy I think it’s the best out there. I’ve got 8 flights and love the TrikeBuggy!

Hope to “fly into you” some time.

- Paul

Paul flies his TrikeBuggy Classic Deluxe in Alaska! Here is a Video of him. More Pictures...

Dave Flibbert

I have been flying all summer with the Trikebugy and loving every minute of it . Don't know if you ever flew in Massachusetts, but here is my you tube of a flight over Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg for short we call it Webster lake.

Some facts to go with the Pilot profile: I started flying in the spring of 08 and have had 14 flights in my Freshbreeze 122 Airboss powered Trikebuggy. 48 years old and have been wanting to do this from age 14. Livin' The Dream!!
Dave Flibbert Webster MA

Bob Peloquin's SuperTrikeBuggy

Bob already has a TrikeBuggy Basic with a Fly Products Kompress attached, but when we lost the Tandem Exemption earlier this year, he needed something to do with his Fresh Breeze Monster Hirth 313 cc paramotor.

He came over and got a Deluxe with Stainless Steel Power Loops and the new Low-Hangpoint Kit. Nice Ride! More pictures HERE.

Jim Wall

I have to say that I have put the TrikeBuggy through the mill and it is a great product. I want the Falcon Tandem hang glider and also want to use my MZ 34 engine. Lets start with the Delta Kit that you explained needs shorter uprights and different clamps, etc. It's time to upgrade.

Nice cage, Jim!

FlightJunkie Michael


Again, I want to pass on thanks for the quality of the Trikebuggy. I am absolutely loving it!

I have been flying it since the end of August, and, I haven't keep perfect logs, but, I am around 20 flights, and around 30 hours.

More Pictures...

James Alderson

I am so excited to get this stuff... I am hopefully going to swoop up and down my street a few times just to test it all out before I go to training.

James got the first delivery of the TrikeBuggy Bullet Deluxe, version 2.0, which adapts to more motors like his new Revolution Paramotors Flat Top. This is one awesome buggy!

Zachary Peterson

Zach came all the way down from Northern California to take lessons and pick up his TrikeBuggy Bullet. These are the first pictures he sent of his flights at Pillsbury Lake, near where he lives.

Andy Szymikowski

The Buggy is a super flying machine. It was perfect! Here are some short video clips from my first flights.

   Buggy Flight
   Polo Field
   Power Off

Thanks again !!

Andy S.

Bob Moss

Bob Moss first flight, 5-10-2008, 0645, Dyer, NV. All went well, smooth air, a few ripples at shear zone at 100 feet above ground.

More fun than a pilot should be allowed to have.

Bob Moss

Ike J. Ensey

Hey Chad, Couple of pictures. The one in the seat is my daughter Kristine. Love the buggy. I have about 15 flights on it, and about 40 Touch and goes' and not a single problem.

Ike J Ensey
Criminal Investigator
7th Judicial District Attorneys Office

David Schultz

David came to the Paratoys 2008 Fly-In, and was immediately taken with the new Bullet design. He waited patiently during a period where it was difficult for us to obtain parts, and in the end, I sent him the one I was flying at the event! Click on the picture, and you'll see him with his TrikeBuggy Buddies Dan Decker and Dwight Willis on what looks like a glorious day of flying!


Dwight Willis

Dwight upgraded the Power Bars to the stainless steel version, plus he also added the EZ OnOff, and it really looks nice with his Fly Gold! With the A-Assists, this buggy is about as easy and comfortable as flying ever gets!

Paul Czarnecki & Crew

You are free to post any pictures I send you. Paul will probably have more up on his web site this week. I am the one in the white "T" and John is in the blue. I did buy the A assist from Paul, it makes it so much easier for us old farts. This machine is an awesome piece of equipment. I love it.

     - R.C. Cowan

RC Cowan

RC ordered two TrikeBuggies for him and a friend, but it looks like it will be a while before they will be flying them with all that white stuff on the ground!

I hear they will be going to Florida soon to get some airtime, and their first flights on the TrikeBuggy!

Vicente Lopez

"Hi Chad, I have flown the TrikeBuggy Delta with a Falcon 1 225 and FP Gold 130. I find the combination very easy to fly. Last month I made a 30 mile XC flight. So far, I have about 20 takeoff and landings and 5-6 hrs flight time."

"I do have some photos of me with the TB Delta that I will send to you. I have many scenic photos of Puerto Rico that I have taken flying with the PPG, and lately the TB Delta, that I can share with you if you are interested."

Yes, Please! Here's two...

Mike MacPherson

"Chad, it is like 23 degrees here. I hate this stuff. Every evening I tell my wife I am going to California, so I grab a couple of beers and get on the computer and put your videos from El Mirage etc. on and dream of warm weather. Please keep the vids coming. It really helps us unfortunate folks get through the winter."

As you can see, Mike has balanced his TrikeBuggy Deluxe perfectly on his simulator, and is visualizing a perfect launch! Video of some practice inflations.

Jeremy & Daniel

Jeremy and Daniel decided to go in together and co-own the TrikeBuggy. They came down from Oakland to train together, which worked out really well. Now, they can watch each other and make observations about improvements that can be made. View the Video of their training. 5-10-08 Flight

Ben Miller

Ben came all the way from Kansas to Santa Barbara to learn free flight paragliding and powered paragliding, and ended up watching the TrikeBuggies fly all day at the Salton Sea while the wind was calm. It didn't take much time before he decided he wanted to do it too! Ben and I had a magnificent sunset flight over the grasslands of the Carrizo Plains in our TrikeBuggies a few days later.

Chad, I just had my first flight in Kansas!!! It was so awesome. I just don't know how to thank you and describe how amazing it was. WIth the wider frame and A-assists allowed me to balance the wing quickly and enjoy the flight. It's been over four hours since landing, and I'm still on a rush. So glad I went with the buggy trike. Once again, thanks Chad. It was euphoric!!!


Wade has been dubbed the "Flying Trucker", since he is an independent truck driver, shown here with his TrikeBuggy in front of his rig. He says that sometimes he's called a Trying F*cker by some, but Wade learned real quick, getting some great launches and flights during our training at the Salton Sea. He was also referred to as "Tumble Wade" after numerous not-so-graceful landings during his foot-launched days. He now enjoys the benefits of wheels. Viva El Evolucion! Video

Craig Miller

Craig has always watched the powered paragliders from a distance, intrigued by the prospect of flying from his property in central California. He is already an accomplished free-flight paraglider pilot. When he heard about the TrikeBuggy, he had to come see it for himself firsthand. After seeing the simplicity of this little flying machine, he decided to get one and begin crossover training. The last time Craig came to El Mirage, he took the TrikeBuggy Delta for some practice taxi runs, and came back smiling! Video

Joe Onofrio

Joe picked up a TrikeBuggy Basic and Simonini at the Paramotor City Albuquerque Fly-In in 2007. His first flight was captured on video, and the big smile on his face in the picture at left was just after landing.

Tony DeGroot

Tony doesn't own a TrikeBuggy Delta yet, but he has flown with me on a remarkable flight to Lake Cachuma in the Santa Ynez Valley near Solvang. There is a video of Tony's first taxi runs and first flight and landing, along with some footage of flying over the lake. Tony is an accomplished hang glider pilot that specializes in flying the Wills Wing Falcon, one of the most relaxing hang gliders ever designed. Video

Greg Pence

Greg got his TrikeBuggy Basic some time ago and had a good launch the first time. The second time didn't go as well, and he decided to come to the sunny (dusty) Southern California desert for some trike-specific training. In the first day, Greg got over 40 inflation, touch & go and launch practice flights, which greatly increased his understanding and confidence of the PPG Trike techniques. Video

Trevor Riches

Trevor is a gregarious guy that has way too much fun doing just about anything and everything! He is an enthusiastic TrikeBuggy Deluxe owner with just about the biggest smile on his face after he flies that you can imagine.

Pierre Beney

Pierre is an extremely gifted pilot, both with and without power. He flies the TrikeBuggy Basic most of the time at Jean Lake, near Las Vegas, Nevada. He made a really cool trailer hitch transporter for his Buggy.

Here's some of his videos:

Morning at Jean Lake
Trikebuggy in California Valley

Bob Peloquin

Bob has been teaching and flying free fligh paragliding for many years now, and decided after watching us fly these silly trikes that he wanted in on some of that fun! He now flies a TrikeBuggy Basic for solo fun, and a Flash Deluxe when he takes his sweetie on tandem flights. His new Green Roadster is pretty sharp looking!


Sean picked up a TrikeBuggy Deluxe at the Salton Sea Fly-In in 2007. Later that year, I saw him again and he had not flown it since, so we hooked it up again and he had a great time flying it with his reflex wing!

Jim Boothe

Jackinape is his YouTube name, and he flies a Blackhawk 313cc motor and a Paratoys wing in Ashland, Montana. Some great launches here, very concentrated on keeping the wing in balance before liftoff. Nice countryside too!

Greg Bishop

Greg learned to PPG Trike on the Flash Trike, but soon saw the befefits of the TrikeBuggy Basic, expecially how nicely it all fit into his Honda Insight! Greg is an avid free-flight paraglider as well as a very accomplished TrikeBuggy pilot. The last time Greg came to El Mirage, he took the TrikeBuggy Delta out for some taxiing, and ended up getting some short flight hops (oops!) in the hang glider trike. I think he liked it!

Chuck Ross

Chuck Ross is an Ultralight and PPG instructor that we met at Bob's Salton Sea Fly-In last February. In November, we saw him again and he had a chance to fly the TrikeBuggy Delta, and now he's budgeting to get one for himself! Watch the Video of his first flight on this magnificent little microlight!

Don Price

Don came out to El Mirage train with Jim Smith and really enjoyed flying the TrikeBuggy. Don was the guy in the Salton Sea video playing the ukelele and singing about powered paragliding. More Pics

Jim Smith

Jim flies a TrikeBuggy Deluxe with a Fresh Breeze Monster Hirth F-33 motor with our first set of stainless steel Power Loops! Jim enjoys flying with us quite often at El Mirage Dry Lake, since he lives just a couple of hours away. More Pics

Dennis Hurdle

Denny came to the California Valley for his TrikeBuggy Training, and ended up going with me on one of my most memorable X-C flights in that area. Dennis has a TrikeBuggy Deluxe, with a few special modifications and additions like the fancy red and black padded seat shown in the picture. More Pics

Mike Forbes

Mounting the Revolution Paramotors Flat Top Simonini was actually quite easy using the newer Hip and Motor clamps we designed. Mike is also sporting the new, square design Power Loops - lowering the risers and brake positions for the Deluxe Buggy.

Here, Mike helps Dilly prepare for her first PPG Trike flight on his TrikeBuggy at El Mirage Dry Lake. She had a lot of fun! More Pics

Jim Goodman

While Jim is not an owner, he was the first trike pilot to test fly the TrikeBuggy Delta after Chad. Jim teaches triking at El Mirage, and was impressed at how easily the TB Delta launched and handled while flying. He thought it would make a really good soaring trike, due to it's relatively low airspeed and sink rate with the Falcon 225 attached. Jim is building his own single seat soaring trike, I'm hoping to see it soon out at the dry lake. Video of his flights

Lee Lybrand

Lee has a big barn on his property right near Michelle and Jerry Danielle's Paramotor City in Albuquerque. Lee can be seen on many mornings cruising "low & slow" along the terrain near the Rio Puerco on his TrikeBuggy Deluxe.

John Blair

John runs Dayton Powered Paragliding, and now offers the TrikeBuggy to his clients. He got one of the first embroidered back pads, and sent me a picture of it - even before I received the first shipment of them!

Hadley Robinson

Hadley is one of Fly Above All Paragliding's gifted free flight students that is exploring all the ways of enjoying aviating using paragliders. He has a TrikeBuggy Basic and an Ozone Rush.

HI Chad,

I went up just a bit late today. Over a sod farm, I flew into a dust devil with the TrikeBuggy. I couldn’t see it because of the turf (no dust). According to my vario, I briefly went up at over 3,500’/min, did some 90’s or more, got tossed around, and then got dumped into 850’/min sink on the backside. I have never been in air that violent – ever.

I am extremely thankful I was flying the Trike as I had about 110 lbs. of extra loading on my Rush. It collapsed briefly but re-inflated instantly. I had about 400’ of altitude which made it safer. The cool turf weakened the DD, thankfully. I thought you would like to know: The TrikeBuggy saved the day!

This all happened at about 11:40AM, over an hour later than I normally fly. Another good reminder to stay out of the air in the desert mid day.


Richard Degan

Richard just recently send me a picture of his TrikeBuggy mounted to an airframe built from V2 plans using a Simonini with a Fly Products engine redrive. Looks like a nice ride!

Charlie Chandler

Charlie was the Park Host at the State beach where we sometimes fly. He came over one day and introduced himself, and I thought to myself "Uh-Oh, we're in trouble." Instead, he let us know that he was a Powered Paraglider pilot, and ended up taking some lessons with us and getting a TrkeBuggy Basic! Charlie is somewhere in Baja California now...

Ziggy in Canada

Ziggy and two of his friends ordered TrikeBuggies, and we sent them off to Canada! We're hoping they will send some more pictures soon, but I know it's winter there, and there may not be too much flying this time of year. This video shows a nice launch, but the landing was a bit of a plop. "I've had better landings" he says. We're sure he'll have many more. Gotta love those A-Assists!

Mark Ayers

Mark was one of the first TrikeBuggy owners. He got the Buggy, and quickly wrote back his experiences with it, and his musings are still up on our Testimonials page! Mark now flies a Powered Parachute because he likes the awesome POWER they have. We have flown together many times, although I have to use a VERY small wing to keep up with him! He still waxes poetic about his experience with the little TrikeBuggy.

Chad Bastian & Rocky

Chad is the developer and test pilot for both the paraglider and hang glider versions of the TrikeBuggy, shown here preparing Rocky, the Flying Whippet for a short flight around the dry lake.

Early Test Pilot

"I think it will fly" is what this optimistic guy is thinking. Unfortunately, the left bar you see broke clean off during the first flight - good thing there was a redundant strap going to the hip of the buggy!

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