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Why the TrikeBuggy?

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   Why Certified?

The TrikeBuggy is a unique PPG Trike -

For so many reasons!


First, It's Easy!

By easy, we mean that this Trike is about the simplest flying machine there is. It's easy to set up, easy to put in the back of your truck, easy to maintain and easy to FLY! Simple, because when you want to go fly, you just sit down, fasten a seat belt and GO!

It's Versatile!

The TrikeBuggy is the only Trike out there right now that offers you three ways to play -

  • KITE - with a traction kite as a Kite Buggy, using the wind to cruise across a desert dry lake or beach at incredible speeds!
  • PARA - with most any modern paraglider, as a PPG Trike that is likely the simplest and safest form of aviation ever devised! Now offered in two versions - the Classic TrikeBuggy and the TrikeBuggy Bullet!
  • DELTA - with a hang glider as a delta wing trike, for faster speed and a carving feel to the control!

No matter which way you choose, the TrikeBuggy is the most versatile airsport recreational vehicle on the planet!

Can't Beat the Buggy!

All three forms of fun are based on the solid foundation of our Stainless Steel Kite Buggy. We have yet to find a better value that meets our needs. Other Trikes use low-speed wheel bearings that will not last the way our Stainless Steel Buggy will. Most trikes use wimpy little skinny wheels that will not take even the slightest bump without sending you on an entirely different heading or bringing you to a complete and immediate stop.

Our Kite Buggy is made of heavy stainless steel, where other buggies are made of steel, then chromed, and this is subject to peeling and rust. One hard landing on most buggies will bend the rear axle right away, but not this Buggy! This cart is made to take it. And while there is no "suspension" on the Buggy, there is enough give to the frame and the large wheels to give a very good ride. We can soften the air pressure in the tires if we need more cushion on a bumpy field.

The Stainless Steel Kite Buggy has the best seat of any kite buggy on the market. Many buggies have comfortable seats, but they are held onto the frame with small plastic strap holders that we would not trust our lives to! Our Stainless Steel Buggy has a heavy-duty, well sewn seat, similar to that of a paragliding harness. This seat is tensioned with four very large plastic buckles, but the majority of the pilot's weight is suspended by the sewn portion of the seat, not the buckles. I have used other buggies where the seat simply slipped on the frame because of the attachments, not good for flying!

Seating is Simple and Secure!

Most PPG Trikes use the harness that comes with the paramotor for your seat. While this is fine if you are foot launching, it is kind of a pain to use when you are triking. Getting in and out of the harness, whether it is attached to the trike or not, is simply inconvenient and unnecessary. Just about every ultralight out there uses a simple seat with a two, three or four point seat belt. Since we're not going to stand up and try to walk around in the TrikeBuggy, we just don't need a harness! Just try to get out of the Buggy when you have the seat belt fastened - it's impossible! If you prefer a four point belt, we offer it as an option.

We fly our TrikeBuggies in light conditions, not when it is windy or turbulent. We are simply not going to fall out of our seat while flying. As for whether it is as safe as a harness, look at the way the TrikeBuggy is put together - there are three redundant safety systems attaching the Power Loops to the buggy frame, and the Hang Strap and Caribiner is a standard in the industry. Our new Low Hangpoint Kit even allows you to attach the buggy frame directly to the paraglider using our extra-long Hang Straps.

It's Safe!

While safety is a relative term, mostly depending on the decisions of the pilot, the TrikeBuggy itself is a relatively safe aircraft. Flying with a paraglider or hang glider, the aircraft is an inherently stable flying machine - it virtually flies itself when no pilot input is given! Trim flight is achieved with either of these forms by simply having a light touch, allowing the aircraft to maintain its own equalibrium.

We control the direction and altitude of flight with our controls, but the TrikeBuggy balances itself in flight naturally using the forces of gravity and the aerodynamics of the wing design to keep it stable. As long as we fly this microlight in fair weather, use a certified and inspected wing that is appropriate for our skill level and don't overcontrol it while in flight, this is perhaps the safest form of aviation there is!

It's Protective!

The other problem with using the harness included with your paramotor as your seat is that it holds your body much higher relative to the motor cage. Sitting on the harness seat without some kind of reinforcement will likely break the comfort bars, as they are not made for this kind of stress, but the real reason to dump the harness is to lower your body's Center of Gravity and utilize the protective feature of the lower seat position. If the "high chair" trike tips over, you go right over onto your head!

With the TrikeBuggy, you are protected in the "bullet chamber" of the trike, as long as you keep your arms and legs in! If the TrikeBuggy rolls over, the front wheel and cage will contact the ground well before you do, and keep you protected inside the buggy. Also, if the unfortunate event of a rollover occurs, you can simply unclip the seat belt and slide out of the TrikeBuggy quickly and easily. Try that with a harness! You'll probably just scream for someone to come help turn you back over, since that's much easier!

You don't have to run with the motor!

Imagine running with a 70 pound throbbing motor screaming on your back while you try to control your paraglider during a launch run. It's a challenge, even for the best pilots - especially in no wind conditions, the nicest air to be flying in. Or when you return from a nice flight, only to find that the wind has died, and now you have to land in no wind! We only have one set of knees and ankles, let alone just one back and neck.

The joy of wheeled launching and landing is spreading! Pilot's of all ages and abilities are discovering the ease of TrikeBuggy. New pilots enjoy the easy and smooth transition into flight that wheels allow, top pilots are now enjoying the advantage of wheels for flying in no wind conditions, or flying with a smaller, faster canopy. Now, the restriction on how far you can run wth the motor is only limited by your launching and landing field. Never get tempted into continuing a bad launch because you are too tired to run with the motor again! While our launch and landings do require a certail degree of skill and control, they are far from the effort exerted during foot-launched Powered Paragliding.

It's Comfortable!

One of the first things Powered Paraglider pilots do once they get airborne is (try to) get comfortable in their seat. What you see quite often is the pilot letting go of the brake toggles and reaching down to pull the harness under their butt to get seated. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous actions we see pilots doing. They often aren't even watching where they are going while they are doing it - they are more focused on getting into their seat! I've even seen a pilot hit the kill switch against the harness as he did this, causing a very bad crash as a result. The more conscientious pilots use a foot stirrup to "kick" themselves back into their seat, keeping their hands on the controls at all times.

In the TrikeBuggy, you are already seated in an extremely comfortable semi-reclined position! Once you have launched and have cleared the landing field, you can dangle your legs over the edge of the seat and lean forward if you wish, taking advantage of the incredible unobstructed view from your TrikeBuggy! Long cross-country flights are made even more comfortable with our Intuitive Foot-Steering System, freeing up your hands to take pictures or wave to those envious onlookers!

It's an Adventure!

Flying allows the pilots to experience a completely different perspective of the planet, one that has intrigued mankind since the beginning of time. To fly like a bird, or perhaps even easier - glide like an eagle, there is absolutely nothing that compares with the feeling of flight!

Cruising low along the ground, climbing high into the sky, flying effortlessly over forests and trees, gliding in gentle circles back to your truck, following a friend around the mountain, cruising with seagulls along the beach, circumnavigating a lake on a calm morning, doing touch and go's at the dry lake, flying the TrikeBuggy is simply an adventure!



The TrikeBuggy Fits Your Life!

  • Fits your Body!
  • Fits your Budget!
  • Fits in your Truck!
  • Fits your Adventure!

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DISCLAIMER: Please read and be sure you thoroughly understand this disclaimer before flying a TrikeBuggy. Trike flying is an extremely demanding sport requiring exceptional levels of attention, judgment, maturity and self discipline. It is unlikely that you will be able to participate in it safely unless you make a conscious and continual commitment to your own safety. PPG and Hang Glider Trike flying is a dangerous sport and may result in injury and death even when practiced by a competent pilot using proper equipment. TrikeBuggies are not covered by product liability insurance, nor have they been designed, manufactured or tested to any federal or state government airworthiness standards or regulations. Do not fly them unless you are willing to assume personally all risks in the sport of Trike flying, and all responsibility for any property damage, injury, or death which may result from your use of this TrikeBuggy. Safe operation of the TrikeBuggy requires a pilot proficiency equivalent to that of a BFI (Basic Flight Instructor), as well as an equivalent level of knowledge and understanding of those wind and weather conditions which may compromise the pilot's safe control of the TrikeBuggy. In particular, be advised that gusty winds or turbulent conditions may interfere with even an expert pilot's ability to safely control the TrikeBuggy, and may cause it to crash. Never take anything for granted in Trike Flying. If you are in doubt about anything, stop and figure it out or contact TrikeBuggy. Also please read our Warning and Caution!

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