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Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is considered by many as the "Holy Grail" of ultralight, nanolight and microlight enthusiasts, providing spectacular natural landscapes to guide our aircraft through. For more on this year's Gathering, see

Ultralights Welcome
If you plan on flying an ultralight to or from the Goulding's airstrip, be sure you are rated and have an aircraft that is stable, can handle severe turbulence and is very reliable. Power-outs over the park would not be a good representation of the sport and may have unwanted consequences for future flyins. Thank you.

The Navajo's charge BIG peso's to photograph in the valley ($2,000 per day), and they should, it's unlike anything else on the planet. The reciprocity of respect has and continues to be something we want to keep with the Navajo Tribal Council. I will be VERY upset if any pilot violates the trust that has been established over the years with the Navajo decision makers. Please, no published pictures.

Camping in Monument Valley: click here
Goulding's Lodge: click here
The Navajo Nation: click here
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Video of PPG flying at Monument Valley
Another Video of PPG flying at Monument Valley
Trike flying at Monument Valley
Pictures of a TrikeBuggy Bullet flight at Monument Valley

I wanted to get a taste of the area before the 2009 Gathering, so I went to stay at Goulding's Lodge (campground). On the second day, the dawn was completely calm, so a PPC Pilot and myself got a chance to fly from the airstrip out to the Monuments. You can see some photos of the flight HERE.


Goulding's Airstrip Flight Operating Procedures, Rules and Regulations

The following are procedures to be used at the Goulding’s airstrip in Monument Valley.

  • Overnight camping is allowed only at the campground.
  • Please sign a waiver at Goulding’s front office agreeing that the airstrip is “fly at your own risk”.
  • Ground equipment (trailers, etc.) should be parked on the west side of the airstrip in the big gravel area south of the windsock. Do not park near the hangar or on the paved areas.
  • No overflights in the areas south and west of the runway between the runway and the cliffs (mesas?). Do not “buzz” any of the Goulding’s Lodge buildings.
  • Any ground equipment or aircraft that is to be left at Goulding’s airstrip after you leave must be cleared with management.
  • The asphalt parking area at the south end of the airstrip is reserved for commuter aircraft and short-term parking. Other aircraft should use the dirt parking area west of the runway.
  • No touch and go’s.
  • Takeoff is from runway 34 and landing is on runway 16.
  • CTAF is 122.9.
  • Field elevation is 5,208’. Be aware of density altitude.

The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is a separate entity from Goulding’s Lodge. The park superintendent has asked Goulding’s to please “suggest” to Ultralight individuals that they pay the minimum $5.00 per person entry fee into the park if they plan on flying over the park. I suggest that we pay $20 towards the Navajo school community!

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