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Flexifoil Rage Power Kite

For Kite Buggying and Traction Kiting

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This kite is a completely new kite from the ground up and designed to be better than previous kites in all areas of performance and usability. Watch some Videos of Kiting and Buggying!

The Rage has been designed to be a high performance traction kite suitable for all levels of kite flyer. It is an extremely versatile kite providing controllable, smooth, predictable power with reduced lift.

The Rage is suited for everything from teaching basic kite skills, learning how to snowkite, kite landboard or buggy, through to being a high performance kite for experienced buggiers. This is a kite that you can learn on, but will never outgrow.

The Rage can generate serious power in the right wind conditions and yet the kite is still easy to handle. The power from the Rage comes with reduced lift so it is perfect as a traction kite for a buggy.

The Rage comes in 5 sizes - 1.8m, 2.5m, 3.5m, 4.7m & 6.0m.



Flexifoil Rage Features:

  • Improved planform – The planform of the Rage has been heavily modified. The kite maintains the sweeping leading edge of the Bullet, but has larger wingtips which help the kite to track and turn better. It also has a thinner center chord depth and more of a hoop shape which helps to improve the stability of the kite.
  • Top quality materials – The bridle line for the Rage is made from sleeved Dyneema. This has excellent strength and stretch properties which means the kite maintains its shape in the sky, even in strong wind conditions. Flexifoil pre-stretches every meter of bridle line in their factory to ensure that the constructional stretch is taken out of the line. They have tested several types of sail material for the Rage and have decided to use Chikara ripstop nylon as it offers the best combination of strength, tear resistance and long-term durability.
  • New reinforcements – Flexifoil has incorporated several new reinforcements into the kite. Most important are the reinforcements around the rib tab points, where the bridle is sewn onto the kites. These can be high load areas and the reinforcements prevent the kite sail from tearing. Also, every internal rib vent has a reinforcement around it to help prevent the ribs from ‘blowing out’ in the event of a sudden impact.
  • Variable cell numbers – The three smallest sizes have 15 cells, and the two larger sizes have 17 cells. The larger kites need to extract as much power from the light winds as possible, and the two extra cells provide a cleaner profile and a more efficient wing. The smaller kites are designed to control the energy of the wind in medium to strong wind conditions.
  • Leading edge gauze – Flexifoil built many prototypes - both with and without gauze in the leading edge to find out whether it contributed to the performance of the kite. They found the gauze ensured the leading edge of the kite kept its shape better, which allowed them to make the profile of the kite more powerful. Ultimately, the Rages with gauze flew better than those with a fully open vent.
  • Intelligent design – The folks at Flexifoil are continually developing their design software and can now model, predict and analyze the actual 3D shape of a kite when it’s in the air and flying - meaning that they can shape the panels more accurately so that the kite has less creases and a smoother more accurate profile. This has resulted in a highly aerodynamic wing which helps all performance characteristics of this kite.
  • Aspect Ratio - The Rage has a moderate aspect ratio of 3.5 for the smaller sizes, and 3.6 for the larger sizes. This moderate aspect ratio, combined with all the other features make the kite easy to control and maintains high performance.

The Rage kites come with:

Flexifoil Quad Kiteboarding Handles - ABS handles with parking loops and hard-wearing grip Colour-coded, with neoprene 'comfi-grips' to prevent chaffing on skin. The integral safety system with wrist strap and safety leash makes for tangle-free release and means kite is more easily retrievable
Dyneema Flying Lines - Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Rage Kite Storage Bag - Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack.

Also Includes - Instructions, Registration Card, Repair Voucher and Sticker



The Rage Traction Kite is a versititle kite that will suit many riders and differing applications.

Flexifoil Rage 1.8 - $289

This kite will suit people starting to fly 4 line kites and then you could use it as a high wind buggy kite.

Flexifoil Rage 2.5 - $329

A choice for adult who want their first 4 line power but care should be taken in strong winds due to the power and speed that this kite can produce. The Rage 2.5 is an ideal moderate to strong wind buggy kite.

Flexifoil Rage 3.5 - $399

The 3.5 Rage has a big wind range ideal for recreational flyers who want to be dragged down the beach or for riders who are learning to buggy. For experienced kite flyers only.

Flexifoil Rage 4.7 - $499

The strong steady pull of the Rage 4.7 will suit buggy and landboard riders alike. For experienced kite flyers only.

Flexifoil Rage 6.0 - $575

This kite is all you need for light wind traction. The Rage 6.0 has a shockingly good rate of turn for a kite of this size. For experienced kite flyers only.

Colors may not be available in all sizes, email or call for stock.

See our Buggy & Kite Starter Kit! Watch some Videos of Kiting and Buggying!

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