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DVD - Kimchi Session

with Jocky Sanderson and Team Ozone

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DVD - Kimchi Session

DVD - Kimchi Session

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Award Winning Paramotor DVD

Paramotoring guru, ex-World and European paramotor champion and paramotor stunt lord, Mathieu Rouanet and friends take Korea by storm in this DVD.

Invited for a festival, the pilots are let loose in the city of Daejon in South Korea to stun the unsuspecting residents with hair raising acro and fast, low level precision flying.

Barreling between building, under bridges, through parking lots, weaving through rush hour traffic and playing foot drag on roof tops this film will have the hairs on your next standing on end.

Inspirational and blood pumpingly exciting, the paramotor flying in this movie can only be described as for experts only. Please make sure you have secured the necessary permissions before you attempt to fly like this in your home town!

Kimchi Session won both the public prize and the prize for the best images in the 2007 Coupe D’Icare film festival in St Hilaire, France but was never released, until now…

Running time: 35 mins

Languages: Spoken French and English. No subtitles, but the action says it all!

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