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DVD - Lord of the Winds

Adventure through the Tolkienesque landscapes of New Zealand on powered paragliders

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DVD - PPG Movie: Lord of the Winds

DVD - Lord of the Winds

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Lord of the Winds

Join Dave Dennis and his five companions as they battle high winds, storms and the wheels of bureaucracy on a multi-day adventure through the Tolkienesque landscapes of New Zealand on powered paragliders.

Armed with just a canny knowledge of meteorology, a bold approach to personal aviation, and a nylon wing powered by a lawnmower engine and a propeller, the pilots embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Before long they are immersed in an aerial safari of some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and an odyssey fraught with both danger and elation.

Using clever onboard cameras and a chuckling ground crew Lord of the Winds documents the trials and tribulations of the team as they soar, glide and crash their way across New Zealand. It’s an inspiring film that laces frank and candid interviews with dreamy aerial footage of stunning landscapes to produce a riveting adventure.

Lord of the Winds is an absorbing movie that will leave you dreaming of flying high above far off lands, or rapidly booking your tickets.

Duration: 47 Minutes

Languages: English /German (selectable)
optional: French subtitles

Specials on this DVD:
- Slideshow with music
- complete soundtrack
- TV-report from New Zealand

Dave Dennis, Tim Baur, Wally Hines, Rob Davidson, Wesley Owens, Till Middelhauve

Music: Cubiq, Mental Reservation

A film by Till Middelhauve Copyright 2009, All rights reserved.

This DVD is all regions but is only available in PAL format please check your player instructions for compatibility.

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