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From Nowhere to the Middle of Nowhere

John Silvester and Alun Hughes’ multi-award winning film on DVD!

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From Nowhere to the Middle of Nowhere

DVD - From Nowhere to the Middle of Nowhere

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An incredible film that documents one of paragliding’s greatest achievements. Nine years after the original release of the historic film ‘Nowhere’ has been remastered and re-released on DVD. John Silvester and Alun Hughes’ multi-award winning film traces he pair as they make their audacious crossing of the western Nepalese Himalayas by tandem paraglider in the spring of 1999.

The journey across some of the world’s highest and remotest mountains is filmed entirely by Alun using onboard cameras on poles which results in an intense and totally engaging ride. The duo surf huge clouds and wild mountain faces, soar past remote villages packed with waving locals, and eventually crash land in howling valley winds in the… middle of absolutely nowhere.

‘From Nowhere to the Middle of Nowhere’ is a fascinating account of what’s possible with a paraglider. It has been the inspiration for many others over the years and remains one of the best adventure films ever made.

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