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Make it Easy and Clean!

Kent Systems
Quick Coupling

(Price includes both the Male and Female Couplings)

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Skymate WindMate 200KENT Systems Quick Couplings

KENT Systems Quick Couplings are extremely easy to use. To connect, the user inserts the male quick coupling into the female and turns clockwise a quarter turn.

Disconnecting the quick couplings is just as easy as coupling them. The user simply reverses the process and turns the male quick coupling counterclockwise one-quarter turn.

Through customer testing, we found our quarter turn quick coupling is more intuitive to users than push button or collar designs. We found when users approach quick couplings they are not familiar with, most people instinctively twist the quick couplings in an attempt to disconnect them. We used this finding as the foundation to our quick couplings design. As a result, we have a quick couplings that is easier to use.

Key features include:
• Internal Valve
• Shuts off flow when disconnected
• For 1/4" fuel line


Connecting Quick Couplings Disconnecting Quick Couplings
quick couplings Connect 1 quick couplings 1
Number One
To connect:
Insert the male Quick Couplings into the female
Number One
To disconnect:
Quick Couplings Connect 2 Quick Couplings Disconnect 2
Number Two
Rotate one quick coupling a 1/4 turn clockwise
Number Two
Turn one quick coupling 1/4 turn counter-clockwise
Couplings Connect 3 quick couplings Disconnect 3
Number Three
The quick couplings are secured into place
Number Three
Pull the Quick Couplings apart




The KENT Systems Shut-Off
quick coupling is offered in a male or
female design and requires no
additional steps to activate. The Shut-Off
valve opens with the same 1/4 turn that
locks the quick coupling into place and comes
standard in light blue. Please contact
KENT Systems for custom color options.


The Shut-Off quick coupling prevent fluid or gases from escaping
the quick coupling while you are connecting the product. The O-Ring creates a seal and the locking lugs hold the quick couplings together before the Shut-Off valve begins to open. This makes for an easy connection even in high pressure applications.

KENT Systems Cam Valve

Working Under Pressure

KENT Systems quick couplings also work better than other quick couplings at high pressures. The secret to this advantage lies with our patented cam action shut-off valve. When connecting our quick couplings, the locking lug holds the product together and a seal is created before the valve begins to open. As a result, the user is not forced to overcome the line pressure or messy leaks when connecting the quick couplings.

Easy To Use

If you view the video to the right, you can watch how easy it is to operate our quick couplings. Watch this seven-year-old child attempt to use a variety of different quick couplings pressurized to 100 PSI.

You will notice that the only quick couplings that the child was able to reconnect were the blue KENT Systems quick couplings. What you are seeing is the power of Kent's patented cam action shut-off valve. While you most likely won’t have a child using your quick couplings, you should be aware that a large number of people work with limited strength or restricted movement in their hands and arms.

When using competitions quick couplings, it is impossable for large percentage of people to connect and disconnect their products in a realistic working enverioments.

Seven Year Old Coupling Test

Don’t select a quick coupling that you can’t use. Select a product with a cam action shut-off valve available only on KENT Systems quick couplings.

Dead Volume

Dead volume is the amount of fluid trapped between the valves of a quick coupling when it is disconnected. When working with messy or hazardous liquids, it’s important to look for a quick coupling with low dead volume. You are about to discover why KENT Systems is the best choice when it comes to this sort of application.


If you take a look at the video you can see the difference between our quick coupling and the push button quick coupling. Both are a ¼ inch shut off coupling. Inside each coupling is dead volume, and as you can see our quick coupling produces significantly less spillage than our competitor. Also, our competitors quick coupling even splatters when connecting, something our coupling does not do. Watch our dead volume video and enjoy!

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