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The TrikeBuggy Transformer has arrived!

Imagine being able to "transform" your ultralight trike from the paraglider version to the hang glider version in less than 5 minutes! It's that easy with the TrikeBuggy Transformer.

Taking its design from two of TrikeBuggy's best inovations - the Delta and the Bullet trikes, the Transformer has bridged the gap into the versatile trike that pilots have been asking for.

The TrikeBuggy Transformer is about as simple as it gets! We have added the Delta's "A" frame to the Deluxe Stainless Steel Kite Buggy, incorporating the motor and glider mounts onto the two legs of the frame. With a removable upper section for the Delta trike, the Transformer can now go from flying with a hang glider to flying with a paraglider in less than five minutes, since the Bullet front framework can now be atached to the Delta's rear "A" Frame using our unique hardware.

Enter the Transformer

Most pilots know before they start their training which activity they want to do. The TrikeBuggy has always been a versatile machine, but now, we have designed a new version that allows "Bi-Wingwal" pilots to easily switch from using the trike with a paraglider to a hang glider, and vice-versa - in less than 5 minutes!

Our single purpose trikes work really well, and if you're sure you are only going to use the trike for one type of flying, then they're great. If you're like me, and enjoy flying both types of aircraft - Para and Delta, then the TrikeBuggy Transformer may be the answer for you.

Powered by your Favorite Paramotor...

The TrikeBuggy Transformer uses a standard paramotor to provide the power, and the cage can be removed when using it with a hang glider to lower the drag since there are no paraglider lines to get caught up in the propeller. The motor can be quickly dismounted for travel or service.

The robust stainless steel frame of our Buggy is the perfect platform for this comfortable little single place trike. The center of gravity is low, and the seat position is reclined and relaxed, with a nice back support. Simply sit down, fasten your seat belt and GO!

The TrikeBuggy Transformer is Part 103 compliant as an Ultralight Vehicle, for use with a single occupant with a total weight of less than 254 lbs. and less than 5 gallons of fuel. No License is required, although some training is definitely advised!

Upon arriving at the flying site, it takes about 30 minutes to assemble the TrikeBuggy Transformer with a hang glider wing (mostly assembling the Hang Glider), and about 5 minutes to be ready for flight with a paraglider!

...or, Powered by our dedicated 313cc Motor with our own new Para Cage!

If you already have a paramotor that is strong enough for the Delta, then that's great. For those wanting a package that includes the trike and motor, we have developed a simple motor frame that attaches easily to the TrikeBuggy Transformer for a much lower price! This motor package has the power to fly even the Gibbo 15.5 Manta Trike wing, a very fast glider requiring more power. It is also extremely reliable, it's the motor I choose most often to train on because it just runs and runs!

The bottom picture to the right shows our new cage for the Para version of the Transformer, using the same dedicated motor option that the TrikeBuggy Delta uses. Add the cage when using your paraglider, remove it when you go Delta (as shown in the top picture). Now you can do both without having to buy an expensive Paramotor!

This cage completely encases the propeller in case of 'Turtling' or getting pulled back onto the prop by a gust of wind. Even though the TrikeBuggy Transformer is EXTREMELY resistant to this, the propeller is now completely propected by the cage! Simple in design, our new cage is four part, with four identical connectors and a base on the engine mount. If one piece becomes damaged, all four cage ring and connector pieces are exactly the same! Easy to fix!

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