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Inquiries about used items may be directed to:, or call (805) 403-1859. All listings subject to prior sale. For used wings and more, look HERE.

Powered Paragliders, Motors, PPG and Delta Trikes will only be sold to trained, competent pilots with skill and experience appropriate to the level of the aircraft. New pilots must enroll in training in order to take advantage of used packages.

Please see DISCLAIMER at the bottom of this page.

TrikeBuggy Bullet/Parajet Rotron Package

Used TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.0 Trike with avery well maintained Parajet Rotron 294cc Rotary Paramotor. Motor runs great, and is VERY powerful! Package includes Ozone Element Large and Apco Reserve Parachute. PPG Trike training is not included. More Pictures


TrikeBuggy Bullet with HE Duo 200


Very lightly used Trikebuggy Bullet with NEW Blackhawk Rhino with the HE Duo 220 Paramotor with electric start! More pictures HERE.

Complete package for $6500. NOW $5500.


TrikeBuggy Classic Deluxe Package


Lightly used TrikeBuggy Classic Deluxe with Fresh Breeze Titanium frame & cage Simonini 202cc Paramotor and Ozone Atom Large Paraglider. TrikeBuggy is the wide axle, wide wheel version and in excellent shape. The Simonini has around 25 hours on it and runs great. Ozone Atom L wing is great for newer pilots - very stable and solid, a DHV 1 wing from about five years ago. This wing has been used for about 60 hours, and there's lots of life left in it. Other wings are available if weight range needs to be adjusted, this package is good for a pilot with a body weight of 140-180 lbs.

Complete package available for $7500.

TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.0 Snap 100 Package


New TrikeBuggy Bullet V3.0 (just dusty from a few flights) with a Fly Castelluccio Snap 100 Paramotor attached. The Bullet has only been flown a couple of times, and has narrow tires. It includes the new Low Hangpoint System, and A-Assists. The paramotor has about 30 hours total runtime, and has a pull starter. This package is good for lighter pilots, under 160 lbs. and includes the harness so the motor can be used for foot launch flight as well. Package does not include a wing.

Complete package for $6000. NOW $4500!!!


TrikeBuggy Classic Blackhawk 313cc Rhino Package


New TrikeBuggy Classic Buggy (just dusty from a few flights) with the Blackhawk 313cc motor and Rhino Cage. This paramotor is good for most all pilots, and we use this combo for our primary training trike due to it's reliability and cage strength. The Classic has only been flown a couple of times, and has narrow tires. It includes the new Low Hangpoint System, and A-Assists. The 313cc motor has about 30 hours total runtime, and has a pull starter. Couple this slightly used package with a Nova X-Act Paraglider and some good instruction, and you are ready to fly!

Complete package for $6900.


TrikeBuggy Bullet/Bailey Package


Virtually new TrikeBuggy Bullet with a Bailey 175cc/1.3m prop 4-Stroke Paramotor with an Ozone XL Mojo Power Paraglider. This package is good for a pilot that weighs 175 lbs. or less. The Bullet has only been flown a couple of times, and has narrow tires. The Bailey 175 has less than 10 hours total runtime, and starts easily with the included electric start. No need to mix oil into your fuel with this motor, as it is a 4-Stroke! Smooth, quiet and reliable - this motor alone sells for 8995! The Ozone Mojo glider is a DHV-1 wing, appropriate for new or seasoned pilots wanting a stable yet nimble paraglider to enjoy the magic of flight!

Complete package available for $8950. NOW $6500!!


TrikeBuggy Delta Package


Lightly used TrikeBuggy Delta with Fresh Breeze Monster Hirth 313cc Paramotor and used Wills Wing Falcon 1 Tandem Hang Glider. TrikeBuggy Delta is first production model in great shape, just mostly dusty from the dry lake. Fresh Breeze Monster Paramotor has 40 hours on it and plenty if power for even the heavier pilots. Wills Wing glider is in good shape with one rip on the main sail that has been taped. Flown and tested on the TrikeBuggy Delta in this configuration.

Complete package available for $9000.


BB Trike Package

Lightly used BB 103 Nanolight Trike with Rotax 447 SC B-Box with wooden prop and GibboGear 12.5 Manta RST 103 Hang Glider Wing made specifically for trikes. Trike weight is 234 lbs with wing, easliy under the 254 lb Ultralight Vehicle limit. Photos

This is one powerful, fast trike, and is not for new pilots! More pictures of flight prep (about 10 minutes), from storage in a container to ready to fly at the Flying "J" Ranch in Adelanto where I store it.

Complete package available for $9500. NOW $8500!!!


Raven Soaring Trikes Trikosoarus Trike


Gently used Raven Trikes Trikosoarus available. This trike is 103 legal and just a joy to fly! It can be used with most paramotors (shown with a Black Hawk 313cc Rhino and Wills Wing Tandem Falcon glider). It is adapted for the Fresh Breeze motors using the same motor attachment as the Flyke and Skip One trikes, but almost any motor can be mounted to this trike. Paramotor and wing shown in photos are NOT included.

Trikosoarus available for $1800.

More Pictures

TrikeBuggy Delta Thumper Trike Package


Lightly used TrikeBuggy Delta with a Briggs & Stratton 23hp 4-stroke motor with electric start! This unit is smooth and quiet, using a 3-blade GSC 46" propeller and the North Wing Stratus trike wing. Only flown a handful of times, I just don't have time to fly this one.

Complete package available for $8800.


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DISCLAIMER: Please read and be sure you thoroughly understand this disclaimer before flying a TrikeBuggy. Trike flying is an extremely demanding sport requiring exceptional levels of attention, judgment, maturity and self discipline. It is unlikely that you will be able to participate in it safely unless you make a conscious and continual commitment to your own safety. PPG and Hang Glider Trike flying is a dangerous sport and may result in injury and death even when practiced by a competent pilot using proper equipment. TrikeBuggies are not covered by product liability insurance, nor have they been designed, manufactured or tested to any federal or state government airworthiness standards or regulations. Do not fly them unless you are willing to assume personally all risks in the sport of Trike flying, and all responsibility for any property damage, injury, or death which may result from your use of this TrikeBuggy. Safe operation of the TrikeBuggy requires a pilot proficiency equivalent to that of a BFI (Basic Flight Instructor), as well as an equivalent level of knowledge and understanding of those wind and weather conditions which may compromise the pilot's safe control of the TrikeBuggy. In particular, be advised that gusty winds or turbulent conditions may interfere with even an expert pilot's ability to safely control the TrikeBuggy, and may cause it to crash. Never take anything for granted in Trike Flying. If you are in doubt about anything, stop and figure it out or contact TrikeBuggy. Also please read our Warning and Caution!

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