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Defiant Bullet Combo

TrikeBuggy Bullet Featuring the Defiant Paramotor and Ozone Mojo Power 2 Glider

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Defiant TrikeBuggy & Mojo PPG Combo

Here is a great package for pilots looking to move into PPG Triking!

Pull Start Mini-Bullet: $11,994
Pull Start Bullet V3.2 version: $12,194
Dual Start Mini-Bullet: $12,694
Dual Start Bullet V3.2 version: $12,894

The TrikeBuggy Bullet is our flagship PPG Trike - tried, true and proven to be the best wheeled launch vehicle available for a Paramotor. This design is FAA Part 103 legal as an Ultralight Vehicle or Aircraft.

The Bullet's frame is simple and solid. It is sleek and racy, giving the pilot a protective cage that will protect the pilot from contact with the ground in case of a rollover.

The new V3.2 lowers the Bullet Bars, giving the pilot better visibility and making it easier to get into the trike from above. PLUS - it features our new Stainless Steel SLIDER rear axle, making it even easier to transport the TrikeBuggy!

Both the regular Bullet and the Mini-Bullet will accept a variety of Paramotors easily with our Comfort Bar Adapters, or even with simple double-wrap Velcro attachment: