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DVD - Instability II

The Essential Guide to Flying at your Safest

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Instability II

DVD- Instability II


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This DVD is an integral part of our own ground school. We use it to demonstrate the most common collapses and deflations that a paraglider is subject to, and what response and reactions are necessary from the pilot. Knowing what to do when things go bad is good preparation for every pilot, even if we never have to use it.

This DVD covers:
Asymmetric Collapses • Cravats • Cascades • Front Collapses • Pitch Control • Wingovers • Swing Through Landings • Active Piloting • Big Ears • B-Line Stalls • Spiral Dives • Full Stalls • Spins • And when it all goes wrong - Reserve Deployment!

Bruce Goldsmith’s new film is set to become the new benchmark in SIV instruction. In 1992, the Airwave designer co-presented 'Instability', a film which helped thousands of pilots gain insight into tips and tricks learnt by the professional test pilots.

As paragliders have developed, so have the techniques required to fly them safely through turbulence and during radical manouvres. Instability 2 is an essential update for all pilots wanting to fly at their safest. This DVD and accompanying booklet will guide you step-by-step through some of the most critical lessons you’ll need as a paraglider pilot.

Instability 2 is not a ‘do-it-yourself’ instructional guide. To learn any of the manouvres outlined on this DVD, you should be under instruction from an experienced SIV instructor in appropriate conditions.
Running time: 38 minutes. DVD all regions. Shot on location in the maritime Alps, south of France. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese


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